Reflective 3m Road stud ILC

3M Road Studs - 3m Reflectors Dealers from Bangalore Road Stud 3M Reflectiv Stud 3M Dealers ILC Stud Bangalore Dealers, 3M-290-Series 3M Road Studs are virtually maintenance free and find extensive use in demarcating center of roads as well as road edges. Featuring use of ABC Cat's Eye, these road studs are available in sizes of 90x110x17 mm. Further, for durable usage, the studs are constructed using flexible and UV protected material which makes these long lasting in usage. Some of the advantages of these road studs include helping in reducing road accidents by working as warning to drivers, work as effective night guidance device in adverse weather conditions, featuring advanced and extensive research based designs which adds to their superior visibility and others..

Product Specification

We follow "prevention is better then cure" procedure in Road and Industrial Safety