Rubber and ABS Car Wheel Stopper

Heavy duty Wheel Stopper: Heavy Duty wheel stopper, we have been successful in fulfilling the requirements of our esteemed clients by offering a commendable array of Car Stopper. There are parking lots that are only divided by line markings and to think that there are also drivers who will not really use their side mirrors properly when parking, at least the wheel stops will then help the in making sure that their vehicle will only be up to their designated spot. You see, there have been a lot of reports about car owners complaining that their cars have been dented by other cars in parking areas.
UsedArea parking Basenent : Apartments/Mall/CommercialComplex/IndustrialArea/ Office/ITCampus/Public Road/ School/Hotels/Resorts/Hospital.

Product Specification

We follow "prevention is better then cure" procedure in Road and Industrial Safety